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Lord of the Rings Online The Undying

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NameThe Undying
DescriptionThis title is bestowed on characters who reach level 20 without dying.


<2007-05-11 16:23:08>
Farginso fat I've met 1 person (human guardian) who obtained this Title. obtaining this is very hard and this is atm probably one of the most rare and honored titles.

<2007-05-30 23:33:10>
Kaio <Guest>Just reached level 25 today and I still haven't died in combat, from what I've heard there are no more survival titles to get. But I hope they come up with some new ones. I really think it was a bit too easy to get this title, already at level 20 is a bit too early imho. If you had recieved a new title every fifth level it would have been nicer. Kaiho level 25 Hunter RP-Laurelin server Europe

<2007-08-05 22:05:43>
Shawni <Guest>If it went any higher, there would be serious trouble because from 20 up you have to group a LOT, and that means you bet everything on not grouping with a bunch of morons who get you killed. You would be doing book chapters when they are grey.

<2007-09-03 03:49:46>
Elrandirr <Guest>It is not so hard, i have it, you most do no instance, be carfull, ask your best friend for help.

<2008-01-17 04:38:25>
<Guest>I disagree on the "rare and honored" part. It's the 'I remade my character 8 times to get this title!' Title, or the Wussy Title. Just play the game, and accept defeat when it happens, wimp.

<2008-01-21 04:20:16>
Minako <Guest>I got this legitly with out remaking my character even once. You just have to be careful with your pulls.

<2008-06-15 00:52:47>
Melrisa <Guest>i got this title with my Hobbit Guardian

<2008-08-06 05:17:13>
Obsidiate <Guest>I've been on since beta, have concentrated on only one character, and had no trouble getting through 25 before dying - however, anyone out there thinkin' about it, be aware: I've had a TON more fun playing the game since dying once and having that pressure off. I highly recommend not worrying about this one - it is so much more fun to just play the game.

Anymore one time chance titles? <2009-02-19 05:39:26>
Itsune <Guest>Well, getting these titles are mainly for the completionists, like me. I restarted once, but I just want to have them all, but that brings up another question, are there more or different ones?

<2009-05-17 21:58:41>
kylrah <Guest>got it with my rune-keeper, my 1st and only character... too easy?

<2009-05-19 02:11:48>
artigor <Guest>haha i only got to lv 9 without suck a lv 35 noob

<2009-05-24 00:29:10>
Xan <Guest>I&#039;m playing my 1st character in this game, am at lvl 19 not died - its a straight forward title - it should go up to 60 to make it really worth something

The Undying Title <2009-06-17 07:25:37>
Baragdor <Guest>It is not so hard to obtain, but you should really evaluate your strategy to obtain it.

<2009-07-07 05:25:58>
Bast <Guest>I would like to continue with this title for the next levels. Only until 20!!! I have reached level 27 without being defeated and now what... no present?... i hope that they add more survivel title for the next levels ;)

<2009-07-11 04:53:30>
Crolfa <Guest>If ya not dieing, ya not trying. A guildy left lotro because he died at 19, what a crock

They can&#039;t go beyond 20 <2009-07-11 04:53:30>
ElderDruid <Guest>How would you feel if you died for the first time just before hitting 30...or 40...or 50...or 60? This is Turbine&#039;s way of being merciful.

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