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Lord of the Rings Online The Unscathed

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NameThe Unscathed
DescriptionThis title is bestowed on characters who reach level 17 without dying.


for real <2007-05-14 15:38:54>
jamiroquin <Guest>Can anyone confirm that this title exists. Some say its lvl 17, others 18...afct is i've reached lvl 18 without dying but i didn't get the title..... wtf?

<2007-05-14 15:56:54>
sanklovichwell turbine admitted not too long ago that there was a problem with traits that required you not to die, as some people wren't getting these, they said they were going to attempt to reimburse people, but i don't know if they did or not

<2007-05-16 04:56:27>
Gwyn <Guest>Yes, there was a problem where if you were in an instance and someone in your group was killed it would count as if you were killed, they said they're looking into whether or not they can fix this retrospectively.

Level 15. <2007-05-17 04:23:07>
Guest <Guest>On the EU-Servers it is awarded after passing Level 15.

<2007-08-24 18:25:42>
<Guest>anyone know if the bug has been fixed yet? i heard you fail to get the titles if an npc your supose to protect dies in your care? anyone know if thats true?

<2007-08-27 21:49:37>
<Guest>Just to confirm, i have made it to level 17 with out dying and got the title. fellows did die and npc's i was protecting died aswell, but that didn't affect it. Still got the title :) So i safely assume that bug is sorted.

<2008-03-15 04:11:27>
Guest <Guest>I don't think the whole problem is fixed yet, i made it to level 17 and i had not died yet i didn't recieve a title ? Im not sure if they raised the level to 18 though if anyone can comment back and tell me please do

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