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Lord of the Rings Online Traits

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Advanced Skill: Clinging WebsMonster
Advanced Skill: Rallying HowlMonster
Advanced Skill: ResilienceMonster
Advanced Skill: Set TrapMonster
Advanced Skill: Snap Out Of ItMonster
Ancient Dwarf Mitigation BoostMonster
Anthem of the WizardsLegendary
Appraising EyeClass
Appraising EyeClass
Armour BoostMonster
At The ReadyClass
Avoidance BoostMonster
Awareness of BodyClass
Balance of MenRace
Barbed FuryClass
Bard's ArrowLegendary
Beleriand Mitigation BoostMonster
Blind FuryClass
Blood of NumenorClass
Bountiful MercyClass
Bow of the RighteousLegendary
Braced Against DefeatClass
Burning BladesMonster
Captain of WarClass
Captain's HopeClass
Captain's ValourClass
Challenge the DarknessLegendary
Charity +1Virtue
Charity +2Virtue
Charity +3Virtue
Charity +4Virtue
Charity +5Virtue
Charity +6Virtue
Charity +7Virtue
Common Mitigation BoostMonster
Compassion +1Virtue
Compassion +2Virtue
Compassion +3Virtue
Compassion +4Virtue
Compassion +5Virtue
Compassion +6Virtue
Compassion +7Virtue
Confidence +1Virtue
Confidence +2Virtue
Confidence +3Virtue
Confidence +4Virtue
Confidence +5Virtue
Confidence +6Virtue
Confidence +7Virtue
Confidence +8Virtue
Conqueror of the Watching-Stones
Controlled BreathingClass
Controlled BurnClass
Controlled BurnLegendary
Cry Resistance BoostMonster
Cunning Wound
Damage BoostMonster
Damage For HealthMonster
Damage For PowerMonster
Deadly AimMonster
Deadly PrecisionClass
Deadly StrikesClass
Deep LoreClass
Deep StrikesClass
Defender of LothlórienVirtue
Deflected BlowsClass
Deflected BlowsClass
Determination +1Virtue
Determination +2Virtue
Determination +3Virtue
Determination +4Virtue
Determination +8Virtue
Disabling AttackClass
Discipline + 7Virtue
Discipline +1Virtue
Discipline +2Virtue
Discipline +3Virtue
Dunaden LearningClass
Duty BoundRace
Dwarf's EnduranceRace
Elf Bow-Damage BonusRace
Empathy +1Virtue
Empathy +2Virtue
Empathy +3Virtue
Empathy +7Virtue
Enduring PrecisionClass
Enhanced Skill: Devastating StrikeMonster
Enhanced Skill: Field PromotionMonster
Enhanced Skill: Glory in VictoryMonster
Enhanced Skill: Hindering ShotMonster
Enhanced Skill: Jagged CutMonster