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<2007-05-19 22:21:48>
Dinedal <Guest>You can also get Valour from the advanced Orc Slayer in Bree-Land (120 Orcs).

Re: <2007-05-23 22:18:18>
<Guest>Also killing 120 Gobs in the Shire

Re: <2007-05-24 18:53:30>
<Guest>Also killing 120 Gobs in the Shire

<2008-02-13 04:36:48>
sajmen <Guest>isnt Trolls in Sarnur also a valour deed?

<2008-03-04 21:57:21>
Pinalea <Guest>confirmed, trolls in sarnur (ered luin) is also for valour.

<2008-07-28 22:56:44>
Pinalea <Guest>2 new valour deeds: 1: Trolls in Urugarth 2: Bosses in Carn Dum Max valour is now 10

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