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Lord of the Rings Online Instance: Escape from Rushdurinul

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Hints <2009-08-21 12:29:58>
Ananisapta <Guest>This was not easy for me as an early level 60 RK. I found it helpful to keep a flexible approach, using the extra morale and power from the banner when needed. I didn&#039;t pay particular attention to the friendly NPCs and only lost one. As would work for most large group encounters, I kept my focus on whatever orc was not attacking me and used my AOE skills as often as they became available. Also I kept a Rune of Restoration active as well as my basic HOT. With Mazog I took too much damage when he got onto me and had to run around the room quite a bit to keep out of his reach while my morale recharged. Note that you only have to get him down 75% to win the encounter. GL!

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