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Lord of the Rings Online Zones - T

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Tailor's Guild Hall
Tal Bruinen
Talan Atharchen
Talan Dolinhen
Talan Fanuidhol
Talan Gwilith
Talan Haldir
Talan Hith
Talan Mallelas
Talan Orthelian
Talan Tirith
Talath Gaun
Talath Ondren
Taradan's Barrow
Tarmunn Sursa
Taur Gonwaith
Taur Orthon
Tâl Caradhras
Târ Stazg
Tham Andalath
Tham Gelair
Tham Giliath
Tham Habad
Tham Lorn
Tham Mirdain
Tham Nambarth
Tham Ornen
Tham Varan
Tharâkh Bazân
The Arming-Cave
The Bitter Stair
The Black Pool
The Brackwater
The Brandywood
The Bridge of Khazd-dum (East Arch)
The Bridge of Khazd-dum (West Arch)
The Bridge Shard
The Broad Ways
The Broken Cleft
The Burning Stair
The Chamber of Command
The Chamber of Dark Waters
The Chamber of Leadership
The Chamber of Memory
The Chamber of the Crossroads
The Chamber of the Pool
The Chamber of Wisdom
The Circle of Blood
The Comb and Wattle Inn
The Cooling Chamber
The Crossroad of Ash
The Deep Crossroad
The Deep Descent
The Delving of Fror
The Door to the Clouds
The Drowned Deep
The Drowned Treasury
The Duskencleft
The Dwarf-lord's Gate
The Eave-Mere
The Eavespires
The Elven-Rills
The Endless Stair
The Fallen Ice
The Fanged Pit
The First Hall
The Flaming Deeps
The Forges of Kazad-dum
The Forsaken Inn
The Foundations of Stone
The Gate of Ruin
The Gate-stream
The Gates of Imladris
The Glass-Hall
The Gloaming Falls
The Golden Perch
The Grand Stair
The Grange
The Great Barrow
The Great Delving
The Great Goblin's Den
The Great Hall of Durin
The Great Wheel
The Hall of Flowing Water
The Hall of the High Stair
The Haven of Oriadion
The Hedge Maze
The Hill
The Ironspan
The Ivy Bush
The Last Bridge
The Library of Steel
The Library of Tham Mirdain
The Lonely Span
The Lonesome Stones
The Lore-Tower
The Lost Palace
The Lost Treasury
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